Thermoset Composites

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Industries: Automotive


Gordon Composites produces continuous fiber reinforced thermoset composites in E-Glass, S-Glass, and Carbon fibers. These fibers combined with our proprietary matrix yield high-performance composites offering opportunities for the automotive industry to reduce product weight while maintaining exceptional strength.

Our standard bar stock and laminate products can replace or augment structure in the frame, body, suspension, or interior compartments in any vehicle.

Unlike other thermoset manufacturing processes, our “pull-formed” process allows for cost-effective applications in the automotive and light truck industries. Our high strength and high performance composites hold consistent and dependable material properties while maintaining affordability.

Meeting the CAFE standards for 2016 and 2025 will be a difficult challenge for the automobile industry and impossible without the advantages of structural composites. Using Gordon Composites material and engineering support can meet this challenge.

Preparing to comply with the latest CAFE regulation of increasing fuel economy from 25.3 mpg today to 34.1 mpg for all cars and trucks by 2016 cannot be achieved through engine efficiencies alone. The vehicle weight must be reduced without sacrificing strength and performance. The cry of “54.5 in 25” can already be heard and many design engineers are wondering how can we get there. We have the answer! Talk to our engineers today to find out how we can help.

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Composites for automotive
Composites for automotive
Composites for automotive
Composites for automotive
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